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Super disgusting A middle-aged man in India actually has maggots in his nose, which is really disgusting enough for Nima. How can there be maggots (qū) in the nose? It is really strange! But this is true, a middle-aged man in India in his 50s Swelling and soreness, then I went to the hospital for an examination, because it was more serious, I hurried to operate, even the doctor did not expect that more than 50 maggots were taken out of the man’s nose, maggots, so disgusting! The doctor’s explanation was that there might be flies that lay eggs near or in his nose and then became maggots. During this period, the middle-aged Indian man didn’t know it. It is said that this symptom is called rhinomyiasis, and people with very poor hygiene will have them. , The nose is not cleaned for a long time, causing flies to bite and lay eggs. For this operation, the doctor took out more than 50 makerala lottery winning tips tamilggots in two hours. Fortunately, these maggots have not been transferred to other places.

It used to be a record held by Juan Rodriguez, "Hope I have mastered the basics of lottery Adam Stein's only book review.

A university student from Vijayawada has been tricked out of Rs 1.6 lakh in a simple con involving a fake lottery. The student was informed by text message on her mobile phone that her mother had won a lottery prize of Rs 5 crore and that she should contact a phone number provided, which she did. She was then asked to provide bank and address details, as well as a processing fee, transaction costs and other expenses to claim the prize. Again, she complied, making the three separate deposits into three different bank accounts. Unsurprisingly, she never heard from the people who contacted her ever again and lost all the money that she deposited. Police are now investigating the case.

He is/was a semi-regular player and for the draw in question, he initially decided against getting a ticket. He changed his mind at the last minute and caved in. Just as well he did because he was the only winner of one of the biggest jackpots in Australian lottery history. The Aussie student retired on the back of the win and planned a whole new life for himself. First thoughts turned to his family. He said unequivocally that he would help his friends and family.

asree Damod • Sunday: The West Bengal State Lottery Department has released the results of the "Dear Bangabhumi Ajay" lottery. If you have purchased the same ticket, you can check the result on. The lucky first prize winner of the lottery will receive a prize of up to 5 million rupees. The second prize will receive 9,

I really like to get the ""My Dirty"" lottery configuration, and there is no help from any weak people (weebonniepeople). When you refer to the "covered wheel people it has been pathetic since the weathkerala lottery winning tips tamiler that dates back to today (from the 50s to the 60s)

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